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Please click here to see the player items your child will need for the season!  

If you have any questions. 

Head Frosh Coach - Joel Nichols 


Coach Esposito – Head Coach

Charity Prestifilipo -  President –

Megan Barnhart – Treasurer –

Kam Uli – Secretary –

Welcome to the 2021/2022 Season for TVHS Bears Football! 


There is a lot of information that you will be given in order to be well prepared for this new football journey! We hope to get you everything you need to know right here, but if you still have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Rep 

First, GRADES... as in incoming freshmen... your GRADES MATTER!!! If you are not achieving a 2.0 as a final GPA, you will be on PROBATION. In high school there are no "D's"... so if you have "D's", they will be considered "F's" for your high school GPA. If you do not raise your GPA by the end of your probation, you will be ineligible to finish your season with the team. We will have Coach Vom Steeg will be monitoring your grades each week, so be sure to put in the work to get good grades... it's a very important part of our program!

Our Summer program is a large contributor to our program, and we encourage many of the families to please pay the contribution or find a sponsor for their child that would encompass their Summer Fees.  While the summer season is not mandatory it is HIGHLY suggested for your son to be enrolled and take full advantage of the coaching and weight training. 


Summer Football Session: $300.00 for all Levels – this includes the Monday thru Friday Training from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm practice starting July 5th and going till July 27.   July 29-31 there is a team camp for all levels.  This replaces our Overnight camp.  Details to follow soon. 


Football is an expensive sport; the Boosters are trying to make this season an affordable one for all.  However, there are Items that you will need to purchase for your player that the School or Boosters do not provide.


Items you will be able to purchase out on your own – Dicks, Walmart, Target, Amazon……

  • Mouthpiece

  • Girdle

  • Cleats (for games Coach would like to see all the boys in White cleats)

  • Wrist Play - this is an item that will have play cards in it and will sit on the players wrist.

  • Knee Pads – Sometimes this can be included in the girdle. 


Items that will be available on our website, and or a link provided for you to purchase. 

  • 3 pairs Official Game Socks – $15 a pair - Different from the 2018 season

  • Spirit wear – Same as 2018 season

  • Game Day Tie – Same as last year.  This is worn every game day.  Thursdays & Fridays

  • Soft Helmets – This is to be worn at all practices until Regular Helmets are worn.


Items Purchased and Registration fees are all available thru the website tvhsbearsfootballcom. 


Also, on the Website there is a Calendar, it is THE CALENDAR.  This is a live calendar.  Please add it to your phone, and your child’s so they are up to date on all information. 


One more thing to add to your phone is Team Ap.  This is a vital tool for communication between coaches, players and parents.  You will find the app in your play store. 



Every year our expenses for the Boosters are upwards of $200,000 for the season and that is why there are many fundraisers for the program.  Please participate and fundraise to help our program succeed.  




All families are needing to volunteer at the games on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as a few of the events we have coming up this season. Our home games are a huge deal for the program.  Varsity players and parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer on Thursdays in the snack bar and Bear wear.  Freshman and JV (only) Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer at Friday Games.   There are only 4 Home games on Fridays this season.  Players as well as their parents are volunteering together. 



We look forward to another successful year and are excited to support our BEARS ALL THE WAY!!