JV/Varsity Overnight Camp

July 18th-21st

8:00 a.m. Check-In

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     From Coach Mey:

Our players asked that the times for our lifting sessions start in the early morning so they are free for the rest of the day.  Therefore the during the next two weeks we will have a lifting session at 6:00am and a second at 7:45am.  Players are free to come to either lifting session.  Those players in summer school will have to attend the 6am session so they are free to go to TMS for summer school.  Players not in summer school can come to either session.  
The players asked for this and I am giving them 1 week to show me this is what they want.  If weight room attendance dips because players cannot wake up early in the summer for lifting I will change the times.  Once summer school is over in 2 weeks, times will still be in the morning, but start times will go to 8am and 9:30am.

Monday, June 27th:  Session 1 (6am-7:10am)  Session 2 (7:45am-9:15am)
Tuesday, June 28th  Session 1 (6am-7:10am)  Session 2 (7:45am-9:15am)
Wednesday, June 29th:  Session 1 (6am-7:10am)  Session 2 (7:45am-9:15am)
Thursday, June 30th:  Session 1 (6am-7:10am)  Session 2 (7:45am-9:15am)

I will be sending out a preseason letter in the next few days outlining the rest of the summer, our overnight camp, and August practices.

Thank you for your support
Coach Mey

*Summer Camp Info For All Levels:

Freshman Camp Dates: June 6th-23rd & July 18-30th. See Incoming Freshman Tab for more information.

JV & Varsity Overnight Camp Dates: July 18-21st. See the link below for camp donation fee amounts.


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